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Friday, November 11, 2011

Color pencil necklace

Restless Minds brings you another super restless idea, this time from Kate's blog: Today we are going to use dregs of crayons to do some jewelry.
We saw it the firt time in Artesanato Decor e Culinária blog, from here we linked to Kate's Minieco blog.

Check this out, this pictures show some crayon dreg art:

From Kate's blog:

From Maria Cristina-Bellucci , designer:

This is how Gabrielle Blair did it:

We will need:
  • color pencils, you can use dregs instead of brand new pencils, that way you will recycle and reuse materials.
  • small saw, you can buy it on any hardware store,
  • sandpaper, 
  • drilling instrument, it can be electrical or manual,fasteners and wire for the necklace, you can buy this at any handcraft store,
  • ruler,
  • Wooden board, similar to the ones we use in the kitchen.
Note: This tutorial must be done with adult supervision all the time, and always on the wooden board.

How to do the beads:

  1. Chose the pencils you are going to bead;
  2. With the ruler measure pieces of 5 to 10 mm wide (about in), the beads can be longer or shorter, that’s up to you. The example has 7mm beads, all them must be the same length;
  3. Cut them with the saw;
  4. Use sandpaper on the wood beads, only sand the side without color, as picture shows;
  5. When the wood becomes smooth you can get to the next step;
  6. Drill a hole, from side to side, on the bead, as picture shows;
  7. Do a few of these beads and  you can do your necklace, with the wire and the fasteners

Et voilá!
Another super restless idea, from your Restless Minds team


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