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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A garden on the balcony

Another super restless idea from Andreza's blog to reuse plastic bottles (we also recycle / reuse here)
Its a simple concept, planting aromatic herbs in your balcony using bottles as pots.
Your restless will love the idea of those "little green things" growing outside, and its halfway to make them eat their vegetables.

We will need:
  • 3 plastic PET bottles,
  • pot soil, enough to fill the bottles,
  • fertilizer,
  • sand,
  • seeds of parsley and chives,
  • water,
  • exact-O knife,
  • scissors,
  • shovel and rake,
  • flowerpots clamps,
How to:
  1. Cut the bottles with a sharp knife, open a hole with 20 cm on each bottle,
  2. Punch a hole in 2 of them.. on the bottom;
  3. Don't punch the third, this one will catch the water that falls from the other 2;
  4. If your restless kids want to decorate the flowerpots, now its the moment, they can use paint, paper, or anything else they want;
  5. Mix 3 parts of pot soil, and 2 of fertilizer, you can use exterior fertilized pot soil, 
  6. Place this soil on both punched bottles,
  7. Seed and water the plants (already done this here)
  8. Place the sand on the third bottle. 
  9. Chose a wall you can drill and attach the flowerpots clamps to it. Leave 20cm between each one.
Hang the system to a height that allows children to see the plants.

there are several ways to do this project. You can chose to use a string system, is cheaper the the final result is the same. for this you will need 2 fixation points, you can use 2 nails.
You can plant anything you want, not just shovel and rake.

Et Voilá!

Thank you Andreza!


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