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Monday, November 28, 2011

Hunting animals with a camera

fotografar animaisThe child must understand there is live everywhere, under the stones, near the pool, on the sand under our feet...

What we need:
  • a camera, preferably cheap, the child can broke it, it can be a cell phone or disposable, for example,
  • a computer, for downloading photos,fotografar animais
  • a notebook,
  • a pen.
The project is simple but requires some hard work:  

    fotografar animais
  1. Stimulate your child to find a spot with live. Let him/her to take the camera everywhere he goes. Let him to look, to find and to capture the moment with it;
  2. Its allowed to capture same species in different locations;
  3. Tell him to take note of the place, time of the day, and other important information when shooting, for example, "Park, 2:30PM, very hot, 5 animals photographed in the grass, 2 near the swing";
  4. Download photographs to your computer;
  5. Place them is a special folder, named it after the place and/or the day where your child took the photos, your restless can do this, on the notebook write down the name of the folder corresponding to the location described previously;
  6. Let your restless child name each photo with the animal real name. Let him look for the names he doesn't know on the internet and/or books…;
  7. To finish you can place all the pictures on a slide show, he will be amazed with all the animals he saw.
fotografar animaisThe duration of this project is variable, only parents and/or educators can evaluate the availability of children for this project.
Set a day, or a specific hour during the day to catalogue and download the photos, or, and trust me on this one, it will be the chaos.

fotografar animais
Explain to the child that in any case he/she should arm the animals he/she is shooting, tell him/her not to hold them in his/her hands... any of this actions can lead to the animal dead or trigger defensive reactions.

If the child prefer use the vegetable kingdom

Et Voilá!
Life is everywhere waiting to be found!


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