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Monday, December 5, 2011

Art with beach stones

Your restless can role play with this. Make a masterpiece with beach stones.
This is another summer craft you can do all year, is always fun and they love it.
Buy an art board, or make yourself one with a piece of wood, and invite your restless to make art with stones, the result always work.

What we need:
  • beach stones, several formats and colors,
  • art board,
  • white glue
  • charcoal,
  • beach sand, optional
  • acrylic paint, optional,
  • varnish, optional,
  • brush, optional.
How to:
  1. Wash all the stones, first with water and after with alcohol;
  2. Separate the stones by color, size and format;
  3. With a charcoal, draw, with light strokes, the design you wish to replicate with the stones, for some restless the "we will see as we go" works best;
  4. Geometric designs always work in this project, triangles, circles, straight lines...
  5. Apply white glue on the art board;
  6. One by one, glue the stones to the board as you with, to form the design you want. Use colors, formats and sizes to do the pattern;
  7. After you finish spread the sand on it, the sand will glue to the "empty spaces";
  8. Let it dry for 24h;
  9. You can paint stones outlines with acrylic paint if you wish, let it dry for 4;
  10. Before varnish remove the sand.
Et Voil√°!
Hang your master piece on the wall, and wait for next summer.


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