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Monday, December 12, 2011

Photo in a lamp

Look to an object and see beyond the obvious is a good exercise. Our brain must be trained to do this. A good way to train this is to reuse objects; sometimes we trash materials that can be something else. This thinking promotes recycling and stimulates the reuse, encouraging energy saving with the waste reduction.

Old lamps are good objects to reuse, we can pain them, we can fill them with color sand, make a jar... But there is a problem with lamps, open it, it's needed some training to open a lamp without broken it

What we need:

  • pliers,
  • screwdriver,
  • lamp, Broken lamp to reuse
  • a towel, rag,
  • wire,
  • wood block,
  • sandpaper,
  • acrylic paint,
  • varnish,
  • mini clothespin,
  • glue, hot glue works better,
  • lamp socket, you can buy it in any hardware store,
  • screws, for the socket ,
  • rubber feet, or felt;
  • a photo, small enough to fit inside the lamp.
How to:
  1. Sand the wood block;
  2. Paint it with the acrylic paint, remember the bottom will be hidden and the top will be partially covered with the socket;
  3. Let i dry for about 24h;
  4. Varnish;
  5. Let t dry again;
  6. Glue the rubber feet on the bottom;
First phase is done, lets take a look on the lamp, this must be done by an adult
  1. Place the lamp on the towel, and with the pliers, remove the metallic tip of the screw of the lamp. Just the tip, don’t use to many pressure on the lamp, grab the screw with your hand and the metallic tip with the pliers,  rotate steadily, be careful with your fingers, child must be away from you while you are doing this.
  2. When we pull the tip with the pliers all lamp content is dragged out;
  3. Confirm the lamp is really empty;
  4. Wash the lamp with tap water;
  5. Let it dry.
The lamp is ready, lets place the picture inside: 
  1. Screw the lamp socket to the wood block;
  2. Cut a piece of wire, about 2 and half times the height of the lamp;
  3. With the pliers roll up the wire like the one on the image, when you finish this twisted wire must fit inside the lamp.
  4. Glue the mini clothespin to the other end of the wire, upside down;
  5. Bend the wire end, the curly section will support the picture, like feet, and the mini clothespin will work as a pin;
  6. If the wire is too big cut it now;
  7. Place the wire inside the lamp, remember to do the last adjustments to it, size and position;
  8. Pin the Photo to the clothespin;
  9. With careful and patience, place the set "wire + clothespin + photo" inside the lamp
  10. If necessary use hot glue to fix the wire to the lamp socket.
  11. Screw the lamp.

Et voilá!
A photogenic paperweight 



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