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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Pendant with beach stones

Another DIY project for the Summer.
Use your restless beach stone collection to make beautiful and personalized pendants. You can use them with chain-keys, necklaces or bracelets. You also can paint some lucky charms like the "Evil Eye"- in last picture-, this amulet will protect everyone who use it against the evil eye .
Or you can simply ask your restless to paint the stones as he wishes.

We will need:
  • alcohol,
  • little stones from the beach,
  • thin wire,
  • pliers,
  • pencil,
  • acrylic paints,
  • varnish.
How to:
  1. Chose your stone, to paint evil eye the stone must be small, round and plain. try to chose the small ones, you will not want to use heavy weight around your neck;
  2. Clean the stone with tap water and alcohol to clean the salt, the sand and any other residue;
  3. Draw on the stone what you want to paint;
  4. Next paint all the stone with a light color, (white if possible);
  5. Next color your draw with the other colors, first the light ones;
  6. You must resist painting the details, Those will be the last thing to paint;
  7. Wait for 4h, paint must dry;
  8. Varnish and wait another 4h;
  9. Now you have 2 choices:
    1. Use the wire and make a cage for the stone: Use the pliers and curl the wire around the stone. The stone must be trapped but not "glued" to the cage. When you finish make a double ring and super glue the 2 turns of the ring.
    2. Make a double ring with the wire: Make a double ring with the pliers but don’t cut the ends, super glue the end tips to back of the stone.
  10. You can use this in many was: in a bracelet, in a necklace, in key chains...
NOTE THIS:  If you chose to paint the evil eye- in the image-you must know that some people believe that a blue looking towards to us brings bad luck (although the blue-eyed person is good and virtuous), that’s the reason the most common color in evil eyes is the blue (they take away the bad luck)

Et voilá!
Another great use for beach stones


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