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Monday, December 12, 2011

Decorated candle with beach stones

Another good application to your restless shell/stones collection is to do some candles. Doing candles can be a highly specialized task but it can be transformed in a very rudimentary task, anyway it's fun. 

To this DIY project you can buy a white and plain candle, if you wish
With this project you can recycle those annoying little crayons your restless keeps in his pencil box.

We will need:

  • candle wax,
  • candle-wick,
  • old crayons,
  • beach stones, tiny
  • shells,
  • an old pot or metal box, the box will be trashed after this, you can use a metal milk powder box for example
  • Molds, the plastic yogurt cups work well they aren't the ideal material but they easy to find,
  • Wooden sticks, you can use clothes pins.
How to:
  1. Wash and clean the yogurt cups very well;
  2. Cut the candle-wick with the cup height plus 2in;
  3. Chose a tiny, really tiny, stone to work as weight to candle-wick;
  4. Tie the stone to the wick.
  5. Tie the wooden stick to the other candle-wick end, the wick must be tied in the middle of stick;
  6. Place this “stick+wick+stone” set in the yogurt cup,
  7. The wick must be stretched, if needed adjust the knot on the stick;
  8. Place this cup in a metallic tray;
  9. Put the wax into the metal box and take it to the stove fire, don't use to much wax at the same time;
  10. Wait until the wax is pasty;
  11. Chose your favorite crayon color and chip it into the wax, keep the heat down during this process, this avoid the wax to become dark;
  12. Let the chips to dissolve and turn off the heat;
  13. Wait a few moments to cool the wax a little, remember you are using plastic yogurt cups and if the wax boil the cup will melt almost immediately, that’s why we use the metallic tray, to avoid accidents,
  14. Fill 1/4 of the cup with wax; place some stones against the mold wall;
  15. Place the wick on the center and far from the stones;
  16. Let it cool;
  17. Melt the wax again, you can chose to use another color, repeat the mix and the cool steps;
  18. Fill the cup at 1/2, place the stones, adjust the wick, and let it cool;
  19. Fill the rest of the cup with wax;
  20. Leave it to cool for 24hours;
  21. With the exact-O knife unmold the candle.
Et voil√°!
Original candles you can use as you wish


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