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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Origami star- tutorial

We already did the tree and some ornaments, like Christmas balls, now its time to do the Christmas Star.

What we need:
an old magazine, 5 sheets for each star,

How to:

1. Fold the sheet in half and open it again;

2 Fold the 2 up paper ends inside, like the picture;

3. Fold the triangle down;

4. Flip the paper horizontally;

5. Repeat step number 2;

 6. Fold it again, like you are doing a second triangle; now it looks like a paper airplane;

7. Flip it again horizontally;

8. Fold up the 2 little ends on the bottom;

9. Now make a thin roll with the paper up to the end of the paper;

10. When you reach the top flatten the paper with your fingers, now you must have something like the picture, this is one of the five star tips;

11. Each star have 5 tips

12. Fit the points as shown, first the back;

13. Then the front;

14. Repeat the procedure until all the tips are fit. this is the final result;

15. This is what it looks like on the back.

You can paint it as you wish, use glitter to make it shine!

Et voilá!
Without the star the tree is not a Christmas tree!


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