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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween hat craft

This is a simple project, inexpensive and suitable for all ages

What we need:

  • 2 sheets of black cardboard
  • sheet of felt (green, orange, purple, or red), you can use other materials like fake cobwebs, paper gloss, or anything your imagination wants,
  • white glue,
  • scissors,
  • tape,
  • ruler
  • compass. 
How to:
  1. Fold the cardboard in a cone shape, this cone has to be so tight as your head;
  2. Fix the cone with tape;
  3. Cut the free ends in the bottom of the cone with the scissors, this free end is the triangle that is formed on the base of the cone when you fold the paper, cut it, so that the base becomes a circle;
  4. With the compass, draw a circle on the second card sheet with less 1in of radius then the opening of the hat, use a ruler to measure the diameter of the opening (the diameter is the distance between 2 points in the circle passing in the center of it). Now, divide this value by 2, you will get the radius;
  5. Draw a second circle, concentric with the first but with more 2 to 3 in in radius then the first one, concentric circles have the same center;
  6. Cut out the larger circle;
  7. Cut out the inside of the smaller circle, This is where your head goes;
  8. Place the cone centered on top of the circle;
  9. Apply a layer of glue in this junction;
  10. Let it dry;
  11. Turn the hat up side down;
  12. The small circle is slightly smaller than the opening of the hat, about 2in remember?, with small scissors make small cuts on this cardboard flap, at the end you must be able to flap it inside;
  13. Apply glue inside the cone;
  14. Bend the cardboard in;
  15. Press;
  16. Let it dry;
  17. Cut some felt strips;
  18. Wrap and glue them around the hat;
  19. Use stencil-like images to decorate your hat.
Halloween colors:

Black, orange, purple, red and green.

You can use theses 5 stencils to decorate your hats:





Et Voila!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Spiders with plastic bottles

This is a great and easy idea from decor e culinaria" blog. his project will keep your restless occupied for a few hours and will save you some money when the time to decorate Halloween comes. In addition is a project that recycles and reuses old plastic bottles.

What we need:
  • plastic bottles, any size will do,
  • craft knife,
  • scissors,
  • thin rope or twine,
  • electric driller, small,
  • black acrylic paint,
  • small brush,
  • fishing line,
  • sewing needle,
  • old newspaper, to protect the surface.

How to:
(this project requires adult supervision!)

  • Drill 2 small holes near the bottle opening;
  • Drill a 3th hole in the bottom;
  • With the craft knife cut the bottle in 2 parts, like the image- one will look like a funnel, the other like a cup;
  • Paint the 2 parts with the black paint;
  • Let it dry;
  • Paint the interior;
  • Let it dry;
  • Use the scissors to slice the cylindric half, like image 7, this will do a sider with more then 8 legs... it's a Halloween mutant;
  • Bend the plastic slices in two points, one near the spider body, and the other like a knee (halfway the end of the leg).
  • Follow the image 9 and 10 to cut and bend the other half of the bottle;
  • Remember the drilling job you did at steps 1 and 2? Use the holes, the fishing wire, and the needle- if you need it- to hang the spiders on the celling;


    Et Voilá!
    Everyone will love this black and huge spiders!

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