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Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to do a stencil?

Fazer um stencil
Today we will share some tips on "how to do a stencil". With a stencil you can print the same pattern, over and over again, in almost any kind of surface.
Cut a stencil is a boring job, but at the end is worth.

What we need:
    Fazer um stencil
  • exact-O knife.
  • a surface to cut the transparent plastic sheet cardboard/paper/rigid plastic,
  • transparent plastic sheet, rigid plastic or cardboard, from a cereal box for example,
  • a print of the draw you want to make stencil from,
  • tape, any kind.
How to:
    Fazer um stencil
  1. Place the transparent plastic sheet on top of your print;
  2. Hold them both with tape. The plastic sheet must be a little bigger then your print, about 1in all around;
  3. With the exact-O knife- allways use a new blade- cut the image.
  4. First cut the longest straight lines, cut in one stroke, without hesitate, hesitation cuts will make a sloppy final result;
  5. To make the task easier you must pressure the plastic+print with your free hand, Keep your hands AWAY from the blade!!!!
  6. When you finish, feel free to use it on anywhere you wish

Fazer um stencil 
Your restless will love to use stencils, he can do a lot of crafts, including t-shirts, paintings, walls, whatever your imagination dictate. Keep your stencils clean and in a safe place, away from restless hands.

Check those patterns:
Free Stencils

Et voilá!
Similar drawing everywhere.


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