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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Turtle recycled can to your pencils, great father's day idea

This is an idea o reduce and recycle the metal can's. With a bi of imagination we can use them to keep pens, pencils, paper clips, marbles... or you can offer it to your dad in father's day.

What we need:
  • empty can,
  • double tape or super glue,
  • scissors,
  • pliers,
  • pen,
  • charcoal pencil,
  • tracing paper,
  • craft knife, with a new blade,
  • felts, in your favorite colors.
How to:
  1. Clean the can, remove all the glue and paper;
  2. With the pliers fold the  sharp edges inwards, this is a easy procedure that can avoid accidents;
  3. Choose your base color, the one that will cover all the can;
  4. Cut out a felt rectangle, a 1/2 inch larger then the felt you will need to cover all the can, the easiest way to do his is to roll the can on the felt, and mark the spot where you have to cut;
  5. Trace the design on your tracing paper, use the pencil, in this tutorial the design is a turtle;
  6. Chose the colors, we are going to use 2 different shades of green;
  7. Trace the felts, like we did here;
  8. We are going to give depth to the turtle, trace the body, the shell and the spots, like in the picture;
  9. Cut out the pieces, note: cut all the pieces the same way, inside the line, outside the line or in the line, otherwise the puzzle will not fit;
  10. Assemble the turtle with super glue or double tape;
  11. Glue the assembled turtle on the rectangular felt you cut out on the step 4, glue it 1 inch above the base;
  12. Apply the glue /double tape on the can, in all area;
  13. Quilt the can with the base felt;
  14. Cut out the excess with the craft knife;
  15. Use it well :)

Ask an adult to help you with the craft knife and the scissors! Be smart! Avoid accidents!

Et voil√°!
It looks nice!


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