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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Felt door sign DIY

Do you know those Hotel signs? Today we will learn how to do a felt sign to hang in your bedroom door. This is a great idea and you can recycle at the same time.

What we need:
  • felts of different colors, depending on the design,
  • scissors,
  • tracing paper,
  • charcoal pencil;
  • pen,
  • glue, or double side tape,
  • cereal box,
  • ruler,
  • roll of scotch tape.
How to:
  1. Choose your design;
  2. Trace it with the tracing paper, don't draw the background;
  3. Open the cereal box with the scissors;
  4. With the tape roll draw 2 circles, one interior and another one exterior;
  5. Use the ruler to draw a rectangle exactly with the scotch roll width, as in the picture;
  6. Cut the sign;
  7. With the charcoal pencil trace the draw to the cardboard;
  8. Use your imagination and add the background, we used horizontal strips;
  9. Trace the background elements to the tracing paper; ignore any other elements, like the pillow.
  10. Trace the bed sheet fold and the blanket strips;
  11. Choose the colors for those elements;
  12. Trace the felt, use felt back side;
  13. Cut them out;
  14. Apply the double side tape to glue the background elements, like the image;
  15. Do a new tracing for the pillow, chose the color, trace it, cut it out, and apply it in place;
  16. Repeat it all over again for the baby, baby elements are: face, hair, hands and body;
  17. With the pen draw the face elements, like eyes, mouth, nose, freckles....

NOTE: You can choose other designs; the important thing is to be able to separate the design into layers. First the background, second the middle elements, like the pillow, and finally the most important element, in this case, the baby. Of course you can do all the design, and make the pieces fit like a puzzle, but this will take a lot of time, precision and patience, and the design will not show depth.

Et voil√°!
Write DO NOT DISTURB on it!


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