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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yet about Tangram- Paradox

Tangram paradoxes are designs that can be built with all the 7 pieces of the game but aparently are contradictory- click here to see the game rules, like the image above:
In this image the man design is paradoxical, both designs used the 7 polygons as the rules, but the right one has feet, what makes us think that it used one more piece. But all the rules were respected! How this is possible?

This paradox was first idealized by Henryn Dudeney, and the solution is in the next figure:
After observe the figure above we can conclude that this two images apparently the same, are in fact two different designs with the same area, since the missing feet are compensated by the larger body.. They have the same area because they both use the same polygons (7 tans).
Try to build these figures with your child, and you will see him/her thinking that’s magic.
Now that we understand this dynamic we can see other examples:

Click to expande
Et Voilá!
Fun with geometry


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