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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grass Head Buddy

Who doesn't know these amazing buddies? With a big head, googly eyes, green spiky hair, they will go bald if we don’t water them.

On thing is certain, this buddies are so simple and low cost that make a fantastic way to make our restless minds happy and occupied for a days.

Build this grass head guy takes up 45min, all depends on what kind of adornments you use on it. On the other hand, it takes 4 or 5 months to become bald; it will depend on the water/sun/love you give it.

What we need:

  • silk sock, short
  • 2 tablespoons of grass seeds
  • potting soil,
  • 1 yogurt cut,
  • water,
  • 2 eyes, can be buttons, pushpins, "googly eyes", etc.,
  • permanent marker,
  • double sided adhesive tape,
  • colored paper, or other material to make clothing,
  • scissors.
How to:
  • Fill the silk sock with the seeds and the potting soil;
  • Place the grass seed into the half and fill the rest of the half with the land;
  • Tie the sock with a knot so that the land within it forms a ball;
  • Don't cut the remaining tissue;
  • Place the eyes, and draw the mouth on the buddy, knot must face down;
  • Attach the nose and ears; paint the freckles, and/or anything else you like;
  • Fill the cup halfway with water;
Place the grass buddy on the top of it, so the rest of the fabric touch the water inside the cup, that way the liquid will "climb" and reach the seeds;

Note: keep the cup with water; check the water level on daily basis.
Et Voilá

Dont let him die!


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