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Friday, November 18, 2011

Multicolor wool pom-pons

Red, yellow or green, big or small, you can do them anyway you like it.
Pom-Pons, little crazy wool balls, are easy to do and your restless child will love that.
With pom-pons we can do a lot of different things, we can do little dolls, multicolored worms, book markers, apply them in clothes, frames or just keep them in a huge box to play with. The most important is that they are easy to do and kept.

What we need
  • wool, in your favorite colors,
  • scissors,
  • 1 empty cereal box.
How to: 
  1. Start by cut your card box in 2 plain card sheets;
  2. After that draw a circle in one of the cards, use a glass, if you use a large glass the pom-pom will be bigger;
  3. Inside that first circle draw a second one, much smaller, they must be centered and exactly aligned;
  4. Cut the large circle, and the center hole you draw;
  5. Repeat the procedure, you need 2 circles, you can reuse them;
  6. Hold the two circles steady in you hand, and follow the scheme in figure:

Use two colors of wool,
Garnish the wool balls with googly eyes, or legs, antennae, anything you want.
You can trim the pom-pons with the scissors.

Et Voilá!
Play with colors and do some art.

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