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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Egg in a bottle

Eggs are in the class of funny food, we can do amazing tests/experiences with them. Despite being food, and "we shouldn't play with food" once in a live time will not make great damage. The challenge is quite simple, place a peeled boiled egg in a bottle without breaking it.

This need adult supervision

What we need:
  • glass bottle,
  • matches,
  • medium boiled egg.
How to:
  • Boil the egg. It should be well cooked;
  • Take several matches; like 6 or 7;
  • Light them and as fast as you can place them inside the bottle;
  • Immediately put the egg on the bottleneck.
You must be very fast,  its normal if you can't succeed at the first time. Keep trying!

What happen:
The egg is sucked into the bottle.

Before we place the matches in the bottle, the air inside and outside the bottle were at same pressure and temperature. What we did was light the matches and place them inside the bottle, then fast and quickly we sealed the bottleneck with the boiled egg, this will make the air inside the bottle to expand and heat. After a few moments (depends on the bottle size) the fire extinguish (because all the O2 is finally consumed), the air in the bottle cools and contracts, and now the pressure inside the bottle is lower then the pressure outside, and respecting the laws of physics, pressure outside "pushes" the egg into the bottle.

Et Voilá!
It's magic.
As an alternative to hard-boiled egg, use a balloon filled like an egg.


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