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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas tree string ornaments

Another cool idea to make your Christmas tree the coolest in the neighborhood.

What we need:
  • balloons, we only blow it half way, chose the right size;
  • string, any color;
  • scissors,
  • ruler,
  • white glue,
  • water,
  • brush,
  • glitter
  • small bowl,
  • tablespoon,
  • tissue painting,
  • smmal sponge,
  • old newspaper,
  • plastic cup,
How to:
  1. Cover the work table with the old newspaper sheet;
  2. Cut a piece of string with 10 cm;
  3. Blow the balloon until its circumference is 10cm, simply place the 10 cm string around the balloon, when the ends touch each other the ballon has a 10cm  circumference;
  4. If you want to make several ornaments this 10cm don't need t be exact.
  5. In the small bowl mix the glue (3 tablespoons) with water (1 tablespoon);
  6. Cut a piece of string with about 6,5ft;
  7. If you want to paint the string, now it's the time, place a bit of fabric paint in a small sponge, grab the string with the sponge, next drag the sponge along the string to paint it;
  8. Let it dry for 3 or 4 hours;
  9. Dip the string in the glue, until it is soaked;
  10. Grab the balloon with one hand, and with the other one wrap the balloon with the string, your hands will be full of glue, don't worry water will take care of it later;
  11. When you finish press the string end against the balloon;
  12. Let it dry for 24h on the top of the plastic cup;
  13. In the next day blow up the balloon, and pull it through the holes in the string, cut it in small pieces if you need, don't cut the strings!!!!!;
  14. Glue all the ball again;
  15. Apply glitter;
  16. Hang on Christmas tree!
If you don't have glitter you can reuse old Christmas ribbons. Just cut the ends into small pieces. It's not the same thing but it works.

Et Voilá!
Another Christmas idea!


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