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Monday, November 14, 2011

Naked egg

Another science experiment with eggs.
With this demonstration we will be able to see the egg yolk, without break the egg shell.

All the eggs have 2 major parts, the yolk and the white. Both this parts are essential to the egg and protected by a thin membrane. This is a double membrane and is easily observed on the flattened part of the egg, here assumes the form of a air bag.

What we are going to do it's simple, we are going to discard from the equation the egg shell, leaving intact the membrane and everything inside.

This essay takes about one week, all depends on the type of acetic acid we use and on the size of the egg.

We will need:
  • vinegar, the flat one, with no flavors will work the best,
  • glass jar with lid, big enough "to drawn" the egg inside,
  • Raw egg.
How to: 
  1. Place the egg in the jar;  
  2. Cover the egg with the vinegar;
  3. Close the jar, tight, to avoid the vinegar to split and the odor to spreading;
  4. Store the jar in a cool and safe place, a kitchen cabinet for example;
  5. Wait 24 hours;
  6. Replace the vinegar with careful, reject the vinegar inside, and replace it with fresh vinegar;
  7. Store it again;
  8. Wait 6 more days, replace the vinegar each 2 days, tic tac tic tac;
  9. Remove the egg from the inside of the jar very carefully, reject the vinegar;
  10. Wash the egg with running water, very carefully, the membrane can burst.
Tell your restless to record everything he/she see/observe.

You can show him/her the jar every 24h so he can see/register the demonstration evolution. This simple gesture stimulates the observation and helps the child to think and ask.

The egg shell is made of calcium carbonate. The chemical reaction between the acetic acid (vinegar) and the egg shell (calcium carbonate), makes the second disappear, in this process bubbling and carbon dioxide are formed. The raw egg remains intact due to the thin transparent exterior membrane.

Try this, and transform the demonstration in a experiment:

  • What happens if you place the naked egg against the light? 
  • Drop the naked egg from 2in height... not more... in a smooth surface, what happen?
  • On the same day you place the raw egg in vinegar, use other options, in different jars:
    • use a boiled egg instead;
    • use a boiled egg but with no shell;
      • After the 7 days what are the major differences between all eggs?
Et Voilá!
A jumpy naked egg


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