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Monday, November 14, 2011

Electron microscopy

On March 9, 1931, the german physicist Ernst Ruska and his team, built the first electron microscope, an instrument able to magnify images of organic molecules up to 500,000 times. 
The electron microscope forms the image by emitting electrons.

Due to his amplifying capacity, this instrument produces amazing images of surrounding micro-world.  
Aside the obviouse scientific advances this tool provided, noone is immune to the beauty of the images it produces, finally revealing the symmetry and balance of all forms that we do not see but somehow we know "it's there".
Today we bring you some of these images:

From here
Red Cells:
From here
Spiky Hair:
From here
Suine Flu Virus:
From here
HIV Virus
From here
E. Coli:
From here
Et voilá!
Amazing! the micro is so perfect as the macro!


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