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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bending bones with vinegar, the rubber bone

We can have lots of fun with vinegar. We leave you with another demonstration with this stinky friend.
Bending bones
What? Bending bones? How?

Yes, bending bones, the effect works best if we use a bird bone, that’s because this bones are hallow.

What we need:

  • a jar, with lid, big enough to the bone,
  • 1 chicken bone, Lucky bone or the leg bone works best,
  • Vinegar, no flavors, no additions.
How to:
  1. Wash the bone, with running water;
  2. Show the bone to your restless, show him/her how hard is to bend it;
  3. Place the bone on the jar;
  4. Cover it with vinegar;
  5. Screw the bottle cap;
  6. Let it rest for 3 days, place the jar in a safe place, you don’t want your kitchen smelling like vinegar;
  7. Remove the bone;
  8. Wash it on running water;
Bend it, tcham tcham! Is it really a rubber bone? Well it looks like one

Like our bones, chicken bone have calcium, this mineral gives it hardness.
What does the vinegar do to make this happen?
Vinegar is a weak acid, but it's strong enough to dissolve the bone calcium. Once the calcium gone there is nothing more to make it hard- all that remains is the soft bone tissue. Just like what happened here with the naked egg.

Ask your restless to answer this questions:
  • Does the number of hours the bone is in the vinegar affects the final outcome? How?
  • Does the size of the bone affect the demonstration? How?
  • Using different kinds of vinegar will lead to different results?

Et voilá!
A rubber bone


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