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Monday, January 2, 2012

Start the year with brain gym

Let's start 2012 with a brain teaser:
Don't use paper or a pencil, just your brain, be fast as keep adding the numbers, keep the calculator away from you

  • Take the 1000 number,
  • Add 40,
  • Add another 1000,
  • Add 30,
  • Add again 1000,
  • Add 20,
  • Add 1000,
  • And add 10.

Whats the total?


You should try again, the number is 4100!!!

What hapened?
Your brain is confused by the sequence of decimal numbers, and automatically jumps to the  higher decimal (que acontece e que a sequência decimal confunde o nosso cérebro, que salta naturalmente para a mais alta decimal (hundreds rather than tens).

Et voilá!
Another brain mistery!


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