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Saturday, January 14, 2012

DIY- Bird house

Our restless love this kind of crafts. This is how we did our own bird house.
We bought the house already made in the store; of course you can make one from the scratch.

What we need:
  • a plain wood bird house;
  • sand paper;
  • small branches, acorns, leaves, sticks, whatever you can find in the garden;
  • white glue; 
  • varnish;
  • brown acrylic paint, or another color you prefer;
  • wire.
How to:
  1. Sand the bird house;
  2. Paint it with your elected color;
  3. Let it dry for 3 to 4h;
  4. Varnish it;
  5. Let it dry again;
  6. While you wait between the point 3 and 5, look for small branches, acorns, leaves, sticks, whatever you can find in the garden, to camouflage the bird house.
  7. Cut the branches and the sticks in the right size, don't worry if some of them are larger or smaller, nature is irregular.
  8. When the varnish is dry, cover one of the house walls with white glue,
  9. Glue the branches and the sticks, don’t worry with the space between them, we will deal with it later,
  10. Let it dry,
  11. Chose another wall and repeat the step 8 and 9.
  12. Go on until all the walls are decorated;
  13. Leave it to dry for 24h;
  14. Glue other elements to cover the spaces between the branches and let it dry again;
  15. Varnish;
  16. With the wire fix the house on a tree, don’t use nails;
  17. Wait until the new inhabitants move to the new condo.
NOTE: do not glue the box cover (bird house roof) 

Et Voil√°!
A little help for wildlife!


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