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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stubborn finger

This video about magic science tricks show us a hand with a ring finger glued to the table when we fold the middle finger.

Trick Nº2: Stubborn finger

This really happens and it’s just an anatomic "thing", our body is a machine and nothing happens "just because". 

To understand why this happens it’s important to know a little of hand anatomy. Our hand has a nerve, called median nerve, that is responsible for the movement on all the purple area in picture.

When we try to move the ring finger with the middle finger folded the nerve is compressed and doesn’t allow the finger to move. In fact, if you try this with your index finger folded same thing happen, although not so visible, the mobility is reduced.

After a few seconds trying to move the finger we eventually succeed, in a some how shy way. Most of the times the success of this movement comes with a slight pain on your wrist, this happens because we are not supposed to move it. This movement forces the nerve and   makes the wrist to hurt.


ATTENTION: This does not injury any part of your body. It hurts for a sec but leaves no sequelae.
These kinds of experiments are only useful to understand how the body works.

Et voilá!



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