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Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY Refrigerator magnets

Use broken wood cloth pins to do some crafts with your young restless children.

Make sure you have several other small objects around, like cloth pin's or small beads.

We need:

  • wood cloth pins,
  • buttons, paper clips, beans, etc,
  • hot glue, works best,
  • small magnets,
  • thick cardboard,
  • craft knife.

How to:
  1. On the cardboard draw the outline you wish your magnet to have, we choose the letter M;
  2. Use the craft knife to cut the cardboard; this must have adult supervision, In the example the cardboard is too small, its better if the cardboard is at least the size of the pin;
  3. Use the small objects to decorate the magnet, attach them with hot glue, the white glue also works;
  4. Let it dry;
  5. Glue the cardboard to one of the pin's sides;
  6. Glue the magnet on the other side;
  7. Let it dry.
Et voil√°!
Kitchen ART


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