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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Plastic bottle moneybox (PET)

Transform a plastic bottle into a piggy bank.

What we need:
  • plastic PET bottle with cap,
  • 4 PET bottle caps or 4 cork wine stoppers,
  • acrylic paint,
  • cardboards,
  • double tape,
  • exact-O knife or scissors;
  • color markers;
  • other materials you want to reuse, as buttons for the eyes.
How to:
  1. Remove all the stickers and labels from the bottle;
  2. Wash it with running water;
  3. Let it dry completely;
  4. Close the bottle and place it in horizontal position;
  5. With the marker draw the place where you want to make the hole for the coins;
  6. Use the scissors, or the exact-O knife to open the hole, this requires adult supervision;
  7. Glue the 4 caps o the bottle, they must pretend they are the pig feet but most of all they must keep the bottle steady;
  8. Now its time to get creative ad to make your piggy bank one of the kind, paint it and decorate it at will, reusing materials is a good option.
  • Use hot glue for the feet;
  • Use double sided tape to glue the cardboard;
  • If you paint the bottle paint it first with white;
  • The normal acrylic paint comes off the plastic after a while.
Et Voil√°!

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