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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The air takes up space- ballon in a bottle

The challenge is to blow a balloon inside a plastic bottle. A big bottle works better but you can use a small bottle if you want. But is it that easy? Lets see

What we need:
  • plastic bottle and stopper,
  • latex balloon,
  • water,
  • nail,
  • hammer.
How to:
  1. Place the balloon inside the bottle, with the tip out;
  2. Try to inflate the balloon, try again!;
  3. Remove the balloon;
  4. Fill the bottle with water and cap it tight;
  5. With the nail punch a hole in the bottle bottom; 
  6. Remove the nail and uncap the bottle, what happens?,
  7. Leave only a small amount of water in the bottle;
  8. Place the balloon inside the bottle again, just like in step 1;
  9. Try to inflate the balloon, what happens?;
  10. When the balloon is full of air, use your finger to close the nail hole;
  11. Stop blow, what happens?;
  12. Now remove your finger, what happens?
What happens?
In step 2, you aren't able to inflate the balloon.

When you remove the nail and uncap the bottle- step 6- the water exits the bottle through the hole.
Step 9-  you are successful.
While your finger is in the hole the balloon will remain full of air- Step 11.
If you remove the finger the balloon deflates.

Step2- The bottle is full of air, there is no room for anymore air.
when you punch the hole in the bottle the air can escape through it and and "make some space" to the air in the balloon , while you inflate the balloon it "pushes" the air and the water inside the bottle to the outside through the hole.
Same reason explains why the balloon remains inflated in step 11 and deflates in step 12, amazing humm?

Et Voil√°!
It takes space


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