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Monday, February 25, 2013

Frame with rolled paper tubes

This project can be done by everyone from 8 to 80. It's a recycling and inexpensive project and  it's a lot of fun.

We are going to learn how to do a frame with a cardboard stencil.

Before we start you should read this 2 posts:

What we need:
  • rolled paper tubes,
  • rolled paper coils,
  • cereal box,
  • glue,
  • scissors,
  • craft knife,
  • old paper,
  • varnish, transparent,
  • white paint, or any other color you like best,
  • paint-brush.
How to:
  1. Roll about 60 paper tubes;
  2. Roll a few coils too, minimum 4 like the tutorial;
  3. Use the scissors to "unmount" the cereal cardboard;
  4. Keep the 2 larger pieces, one will be the frame back, the other will be the stencil;
  5. Use one of the big pieces and draw your image, the one you want to appear in stencil, in this tutorial is a flower, draw always on the backside;
  6. Cut it;
  7. Paint the front side with the color you chose, we used white;
  8. In the second big card piece, same size as the first one, glue the paper tubes, leaning against each other;
  9. Leave about 0,5in at the top and at the bottom, just like the image;
  10. Take you paper coils and glue them in the cardboard piece corner;
  11. Wait to dry;
  12. Cut the excess rolled paper;
  13. Apply glue both in the coils and in the stencil base;
  14. Glue the stencil to the base with the rolled tubes, just like the image;
  15. Press and let it dry, we used small paper clamps;
  16. Glue small pieces of paper around the edges of the frame.
  17. Let it dry;
  18. Varnish it;
  19. Let it dry again;

Et voilá!
Paper all the way!


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