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Saturday, February 25, 2012

DIY Carnival masks

I found this molds here, and I tried to do it, the result is above.

What we need:
  • scissors,
  • pen,
  • felt, I used red ad black,
  • double tape.
How to:
  1. Print the draw you want to use to your mask. You can find a few at the end of this post, If you don't have a printer use tracing paper in your computer monitor;
  2. With the pen draw the outside lines of the mask on the felt;
  3. Cut the felt;
  4. Cut of the mask eyes;
  5. Repeat the steps 1-4 for the other mask elements (the black pieces on the pictures), use a different felt color;
  6. Apply double tape n the back of the small mask ornaments, like in pictures;
  7. Cut out the excess tape, use good scissors ;
  8. Apply the small pieces on the mask;
  9. Place the mask on your restless face and mark the holes to pass through the elastic;
  10. Use the paper punch or the scissors to do a small hole;
  11. Place the elastic; you may want to reinforce the hole with a small piece of felt.
  • You may apply glitter to give some light to your mask;
  • You can paint it;
  • Use more then 2 colors for a crazy look;
  • etc. 

Et voil√°!


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