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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Recycled lanterns, DIY project

For Christmas, Halloween or any acasion, handmade lanters with cans! Its a great way o reuse and recycling metal can's thats would end in trash can..
I found this super restless idea here and i think the final result is great. 
this project needs adult supervision and I fond it to be a bit more difficult o execute then it appear.

What we need:
  • cans, sausage cans, mushrooms, peas ... in short, those who we often have around in the kitchen,
  • hammer, careful with your fingers,
  • nail, it will look better if you use a thin nail,
  • water, enough to fill up the cans,
  • dishcloth,
  • freezer, ya the one in refrigerator,
  • candles, as many as the cans;
  • indelible marker.
How to:
  1. Fill up the cans with water;
  2. Place then in the freezer;
  3. Wait about 24 hours;
  4. With the indelible marker draw the form you want to illuminate in the can, you can draw it in a piece of paper and secure it with tape to the can;
  5. Cover a table with a cloth, make sure the table is resistant;
  6. With the nail and the hammer punch some holes along the drawing lines, those must be equally spaced;
  7. Place the can in the sink, wait until you can remove the ice block;
  8. Dry the can; 
  9. Now you can paint it like they did here; 
  10. Place the candle inside.

Et voil√°!
Light effects!


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