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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nature finds a way- light labyrinth

It's amazing how the sentence "Nature finds a way" is incredibly correct, everyone knows at least one story about animals saving people or about animals doing thousands of  km despite the unimaginable difficulties- like monarch butterflies or salmon going up the river.

Nature follows a small set of rules that allow ecosystems to function in equilibrium theoretically "ad eternum" if they are not disturbed by the "human hand".

Today I bring you a demonstration of how nature always finds a way to overcome the difficulties.
The test is very simple allows direct observation of the struggle for life.

We will need:
  • potato;
  • small plastic container/pot, like a cup,
  • soil,
  • shoe box,
  • wooden blocks, legos®, or other small obstacles.
How to:
  1. Allow the potatoes a few weeks at room temperature, so they can germinate, this procedure should be done in dry conditions, with light and warm. This procedure can take up to 6 weeks; 
  2. Take the potatoes and place them in the container with the "little eyes" facing upwards;
  3. Cover the potatoes with moist soil;
  4. In the narrow side of the box make a round hole the size of a small coin;
  5. Put the pot inside the box at the opposite end to the hole that opened in the box;
  6. build small walls and obstacles using the legos®;
  7. Place these obstacles inside the box, make sure that there is at least one free path to the hole, don't close the hole;
  8. Close and seal the box, make sure no light can get in except from the hole;
  9. Place the box somewhere with direct light with the hole facing the light source;
  10. Wait 3 or 4 days and observe.
What happens?
After a while the potato will grow in light direction, sprouts will naturally go around obstacles in light direction

Why?Because the plant needs light to produce food, and thus growth will always be towards the light.

Go further: 
Repeat this with other plants.
"Do all plants grow in the same way?" 
you can use dry beans, onion.

Et Voilá!
Nature finds a way!


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