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Monday, January 21, 2013

Frame with yogurt recicled caps

This is fun, colorful, easy and pretty.

What we need:
  • yogurt caps, all of the same kind, we used 56,
  • thin wire,
  • pliers,
  • small drill, like a  drummel, use glue if you prefer;
  • acrylic paint;
  • varnish
  • soft brush 
  • swabs.
How to:
  1. Wash the caps;
  2. Let them dry;
  3. Place the caps on the table and see the format you want to give to your frame;
  4. Take 2 caps;
  5. Use the drill to open a small hole on each cap side wall;  
  6. Use the pliers to cut the wire (about 6cm);
  7. Fold the wire in half, like a clamp;
  8. Pass one end through the holes, pull the clamp up and tighten down with pliers; 
  9. With your fingers push wire ends down, to the opposite direction, and then again with the pliers tight it;
  10. Repeat the operation for all the caps; 
  11. You can do line by line, then link the several lines, or you can do it in spiral, like the picture shows;
  12. Before using the drill mark the spot with a pen;
  13. If you are using glue is much easier, just apply the glue and lean the caps.
  14. When you are done clean all the surface with alcohol;
  15. Let it dry;
  16. Use your imagination to paint it, we made some silly faces;
  17. Use varnish to finish the job;
  18. Use the swab to paint the eyes;

Et Voil√°!
Everyone can be an artist!


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