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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dancing raisins in soda

Will the CO2 released from a water with gas bottle be strong enough to take to the surface 6 raisins?

What we need:
  • transparent glass,
  • water with gas, the strongest work best,
  • 6 raisins
How to:
  1. Chose a easy to clean zone near the sink;
  2. Fill the glass with the carbonated water, use a medium glass, if its too large the gas will escape to fast;
  3. Drop the raisins in the water;
  4. Observe.
What happens?
The raisins will go up and down in the water for a while.
The CO2 gas in water begins to free itself when we first open the bottle. This CO2 travels vertically through the glass until it comes into contact with the air, at this poit the gas is released into the atmosphere.

When the bubbles of carbon dioxide meet the raisins those are immediately trapped in the grape rough skin imperfections, which will do the raisin “move up” to the top. When they arrive at the top CO2 bubbles are released in the air and the raisin falls down o meet another set of CO2 bubbles and go up again, and the cycle repeats itself. This will happen until there is not enough CO2 in the water to elevate the raisins.

Make this demonstration a true experiment:
  • Use vinegar and baking soda. This mix will produce CO2. Do the raisins dance? Use plain vinegar with no additives
  • Use other carbonated beverages.
  • What drink is most effective?
  • Try to use drinks with sugar and with no sugar. Do you notice any difference in the dance?
  • Repeat the experiment using plain water and effervescent Alka-Seltzer® tablets.
Remember, record all your observations so you can quickly draw conclusions. Use a timer to tell time.

Et voil√°!
Raisins dancing!


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