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Friday, April 13, 2012

Cool Yogurts- Super Restless Mind

Marta Bolt in her blog "Caminhando juntos", shared with us a super restless idea: colorful yogurt. This yogurts  are really cool and easy to do, you just need a yogurt machine, and some smarties.

What we need:
  • smarties, or other similar chocolate,
  • usual ingredients to do normal yogurt (milk, natural yogurt... sugar),
  • yogurt machine.
How to:
  1. Preare the yogurt mix like usual;
  2. Choose your favorite smaties color;
  3. Add a few smarties, of that color, to your yogurt mix, before you turn the machine on;
  4. Turn on the machine normally and wait.
Marta says this is what it takes to get a cool and colorful yogurt
Et voilá!
multicolored yogurts!


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