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Monday, December 5, 2011

Beach shell frames- Summer DIY

You can find a few summer activities here, but this one is really a summer activity.

The idea is to make some frames for our pictures using materials we find on a summer walk along the beach. I don’t know about you but every time I come home from the beach we bring tons of stones and shells...

This tutorial will help all restless to use their stone/shells collection to do something that will remind them, when the winter comes, the hot and nice days of summer.

What we need:
  • a photograph,
  • tape,
  • white glue,
  • shells,
  • exact-O knife or scissors,
  • Pencil or pen,
  • ruler,
  • cardboard can be a piece of a cardboard box,
  • Thick cardboard,
  • Acrylic paint, optional,
  • Sand from the beach, optional,
  • Varnish, optional.
How to:
  1. First of all chose the photo you want to frame;
  2. Make 2 little rolls with the tape and fix it to the cardboard;
  3. Outline the picture with the pencil;
  4. With the ruler and the pencil draw the frame format, if you can't make it symmetric draw it clearly asymmetric, otherwise will look weird;
  5. Take the photo off;
  6. Again, with the ruler and pencils help, draw a second outline 1/2in around the original photo outline, like the photo is 1/2 smaller;
  7. With the exact-O knife cut the frame;
  8. Place the frame on the tick cardboard;
  9. Draw the frame exterior outline on the cardboard;
  10. With the exact-O knife cut the second cardboard, remember to cut "inside" the pencil stroke, otherwise the back cardboard will be bigger then the front frame;
  11. Spread white glue on the frame, not too much or the shells will drown in glue;
  12. Place the shells like your imagination/creativity tells you to, you don’t need to fill up all empty spaces;
  13. If you want to use sand, now its the time, cover all the frame with it;
  14. Wait for 24h;
  15. If you wish to use acrylic painting:
    1. First option is to dye the glue, before apply the glue mix paint on it as you wish;
    2. Second option is to paint shells after the glue, wait 24h before apply the paint.
  16. Remove the excess of sand;
  17. Glue the photo in the frame back;
  18. Let it dry for 2h;
  19. Glue the cardboard in the back, to protect the photo;
  20. Varnish it if you want.
Et Voilá!
Summer in a shot!


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